Gang-gang Cockatoo


Found mostly in alpine regions of Australia, the gang-gang cockatoo is a relatively small cockatoo characterised by a grey body and contrasting red head seen exclusively on males.

They have a call resembling a squeaky gate or the opening of a wine bottle. Considered as the most primitive example of the cockatoo, it is the bird emblem of the Australian Capital Territory.

The name gang-gang comes from a Aboriginal language, possibly Wiradjuri.

. Inspired and designed in Australia + crafted in Arita, Japan
. Made using a 400 year old tradition
. Arita porcelain
. Traditional cobalt blue
. 15 cm diameter
. For display or to serve
. Dishwasher and microwave safe
. Comes with matching gift box
. Collection them all

This design is also available in a enamel pin.