Inner City


The Australian Gold Rush of the mid 1850s saw a growth in population and an increased demand for housing.

The houses of that era are known as being of a ‘Victorian style’ as it characterised the reign of Queen Victoria. Characteristics of this iconic style of architecture include a front yard enclosed by a picket or cast-iron fence, ornamented brickwork, polished floorboards, and decorative details.

Commonly found in CBD fringe suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne and across Australia, Victorian architecture has made an impact on the Australian architectural, with many heritage listed and well sought after on the housing market.

. Inspired and designed in Australia + crafted in Arita, Japan
. Made using a 400 year old tradition
. Arita porcelain
. Traditional cobalt blue
. 15 cm diameter
. For display or to serve
. Dishwasher and microwave safe
. Comes with matching gift box
. Collect them all